Beer’s Football Hooligans

Chealsea Time’s

Chelsea was formed on March 14, 1905 at the Rising Sun pub (now called The Butcher’s Hook) and not a few then immediately joined the Football League. The first years passed without any achievement that really stands out, only in the year 1915 they could reach the FA cup final but lost to Sheffield United. Chelsea began to get public attention when they started to bring some famous players, but even so their performance has not come, too.
Chelsea Chelsea Crest First Second Third Chelsea Crest Crest
The former England national team striker, Ted Drake, then became manager in 1952. It was truly revolutionize and modernize the London club, such as guidance systems promote young players, build a strong team even changed the logo bearing the old club ‘Chelsea Pensioner’ (retired military pictures Chelsea). Achievement club started appear, Chelsea won the English league in the 1954-1955 season. At that time the European football federation (UEFA) has begun planning to deploy a European club competition named ‘European Champions Cup’, but the English FA and especially Football League refused to participate, it makes Chelsea had to withdraw before the start of the competition among the European clubs.
60s era
Decade of the 60’s are the years where the talents of young players developing under Chelsea coach Tommy Docherty. They included less fortunate in times of competition and the end of each tournament she entered. In the 1964-1965 season, they almost won the title treble in the English league, FA cup and league cup, but it resulted only league championship trophy. In 1967 they also failed in the FA cup final. Only in 1970 they managed to win the FA cup with a bow Leeds United in the final 2-1. The next year they won the first European title, the cup Winners, by beating Real Madrid in the final.
Decade of 70-80s
In the late 70s until the early decades of the 1980 turbulent years of Chelsea, the club’s financial condition is unstable and affect the rejuvenation projects Stamford Bridge stadium. Star players sold and eventually lead to degradation of the Chelsea’s main divisions. Compounded by problems caused by supporters who like to make trouble early 1980s made a bleak moments clubs. Ken Bates came to buy the club with a £ 1 nominal price, at Stamford Bridge stadium that has been sold to a property developer and Chelsea have threatened not ‘home’. Chelsea was degraded again until the 3rd division, the lowest division during its history. In 1983 under manager John Neal, Chelsea managed to win the division and promotion to the 2 main divisions. 4 years in the major divisions, they are degraded again in 1988. Only one season in division 2, their promotion to the main division after division 2 win that year (1989).
90s decade until the early 2000s
[Ken Bates] In 1992, after a hard struggle, Chelsea owner Ken Bates (inset) managed to get back to Stamford Bridge stadium to make an appointment with the bank (then the owner of the property developer Stamford Bridge has collapsed). Chelsea’s own achievements in the primary division (already named Premier League) is not special, only the FA cup tournament they had entered the final in 1994. After lifting the legendary Dutch player, Ruud Gullit, a player-manager, Chelsea then began to lift his name again. Gullit brings famous players such as Roberto At Mateo, and most importantly is Gianfranco Zola, Italian playmaker genius. Chelsea won the FA cup in 1997 and the league they have shown themselves as a top club in the English league. Then replace Gianluca Vialli and Gullit brought Chelsea win the league trophy, trophies Winners in 1988 and the FA cup in 2000. Vialli also brought Chelsea to the Champions League quarter-finals of Europe in 2000. Claudio Ranieri and then replace compatriot, Vialli, the Chelsea manager and took Chelsea into the FA cup final in 2002.

The arrival of Abramovich

In June 2003, Ken Bates sold Chelsea to a named Russian billionaires Roman Abramovich for $ 140 million pounsterling. That is the record for most expensive sales Ingrris club history at that time. Abramovich also because the English media then dubbed the club as ‘Chelski’, words that immediately become popular in public. Direct Abramovich moved quickly to ‘hijack’ general manager of Manchester United, Peter Kenyon, the Chelsea. Kenyon is one of the key success factors Manchester United became the richest club in the world and at Chelsea he occupies a position as Abramovich’s right hand to manage the club.
[Trio success Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, Roman Abramovich, Peter Kenyon]
Dana was a major digelontorkan, no less than £ 100 million spent just to buy star players. But Ranieri still not brought to Chelsea’s achievements in Abramovich’s first season. After seeing that Ranieri difficult to take Abramovich’s Chelsea as a big ambition, the Italian manager is then fired and didatangkanlah Jose Mourinho from European champions, FC Porto. Options Kenyon is not wrong, Jose Mourinho is the figure of a manager who is very tactical and cold-handed. In his first season with Chelsea’s Mourinho directly into English league champions and league cup. Although with the financial support that is so strong, a manager is still very difficult to bring his club to win the English league is tight in his first season. It was a sensational season for Mourinho and Chelsea, let alone in 2005 was 100 years old even Chelsea. London club was also a club that won the majority party and at least conceded. In that year also signed Chelsea’s Champions League semi-final.

Lampard, Mourinho, the next Terry Tahun, 2006, Chelsea won the league again, the first London club after Arsenal can win the 1933-1934 English league 2 years in a row. In 2007 Chelsea won the FA cup and league cup but only a runner-up league under Manchester United. Begin the issue of Mourinho and Abramovich’s argument that culminated in September 2007 where Mourinho put his tenure as manager. Chelsea’s director of football from Israel, Avram Grant, then replace it. Grant took Chelsea as league runner-up, runners-up trophy and league runner-up in the European Champions League (lost on penalties against Manchester United). It is not too bad actually, but for Abramovich who has a mountain of ambition is not enough that Grant was fired and replaced by a Brazilian coach, Luis Felipe Scolari, who nicknamed Felipao as Chelsea’s new manager from July 1, 2008.


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